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Leader of the Free World?
The Future of American Women in Politics

Melody Rose, Marylhurst University

Based on her 2010 book with coauthor Regina Lawrence, Hillary Clinton’s Race for the White House, Marylhurst University President Melody Rose will explain the three interlocking dynamics that are blocking the progression of women into the nation’s highest office. Based upon data from both the 2008 and 2016 presidential candidacies of Hillary Clinton, Rose examines gender norms, media protocols and election-specific contextual elements that prevented the ascendance of the first female president. Set against a global context of women’s rapid advancement, the case for full inclusion of American women into executive political office looks bleak. The presentation concludes with examination of new faces on the horizon, whose profiles and proficiencies might finally break the highest glass ceiling.

The Marylhurst Speaker Series is hosted by Marylhurst University’s Department of Interdisciplinary and Applied Liberal Arts.