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J and P: Who Procrastinates?

Clarifying Type’s J/P Dichotomy: The What, Who and Why of Procrastination

The fourth dichotomy, or pair, in the type code is often confusing. This confusion gives rise to misinterpretations – “are you a J or a P?”  Let’s put this confusion to rest and arrive at a clear understanding of the two dichotomies – Judging/Perceiving and Extraversion/Introversion and the functions of the type code as C.G. Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers intended.

This program/workshop will be rich with experiential exercises, information, fun, and will give you tools for your profession of helping people using type and bring depth to your personal understanding of type.  We will:

  • Clarify Extraversion/Introversion and Judging/Perceiving as Attitudes, not Functions and discover why this is crucial to understanding type and your own MBTI type code.
  • Clarify the concept of Ambiversion and its misconception in type.
  • Sort out the P for perceiving from P for procrastinating
  • Discuss who really procrastinates, the reasons we procrastinate and what we can do to manage or minimize it.

Arlene Richter, M.Ed. MBTI® Master Practitioner, has been the Workshop Chair at our local Chapter, APTi, from 2011 to 2015; she continues to be an active member and serves on the Board. Since her certification in 2007, Arlene has been fascinated and intrigued by and has delved deeply into the study of Jungian Personality Type, continuing to study applications of Type and present workshops in the areas of: Spirituality, Teams, Problem Solving, Small groups, In-depth studies, study groups and on-line courses in the “Eight Functions of Type” and, most recently, the study of the Archetypes according to the work of Jungian scholar, John Beebe, Ph.D. She has co-facilitated courses online on the eight functions of type with Bob McAlpine of Type Resources. Previous careers: Xerox Corp, Secondary Teacher Language Arts. Arlene greatly enjoys family times, hiking with friends and has been secretary of NFNW hiking club for 16 years.

Free to PAPT members. Non-members $20, students $5.